Game Design Foundation – Batch #01

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About Course

🔥 Getting a comprehensive understanding of Game Design and its fundamentals has never been easier! 🔥


Careers in Game Design have become very lucrative as the Gaming Industry grows at an exponential rate. On the other hand, there are still misconceptions about Game Design in India. In general, video game design is a mix of creativity, story, and aesthetics, mixed with technical expertise, which determines game mechanics, balancing and much more. Designing games is an enormous field of study that involves not just knowing how and why to do a certain thing but using your imagination to come up with new ideas. This course is a 6 months intensive project-heavy course that focuses on the core foundation of game design. The course is structured in such a way that anyone from any background can easily understand and learn game design. Furthermore, the students will learn the 5 specializations of game design that every game designer must know. By the end of the program, the student’s projects will be evaluated by professional game designers from top game companies in India.


👉 What you will get from the course:      

✅ Access to 20+ on-demand video lessons that unlock each Wednesday.      

✅ Access to 72+ live lectures that unlock each Saturday and Sunday.    

✅ Lifetime access to course materials.      

✅ Downloadable extra resources.        

✅ Personalized guidance from Mentors.        

✅ Access to 1UP Academy’s Community – of Game Designers, Developers, and Artists.


📢 PLEASE NOTE: Live lecture recordings will be available for 2 months after the final lecture is unlocked. For this batch, till April 30th 2023. After which all access to live lecture recordings will be revoked. Pre-recorded lectures and extra resources will have lifetime access. 📢


🤔 Why choose this course?

This course aims at equipping students with the skills and knowledge that are required for any Game Designer. This is a project-heavy course, and requires students to participate and work with the Mentors and create an industry level portfolio that will enable them to enter the gaming industry. By the end of this course, students will have a strong portfolio, with multiple projects under their belt.


Despite being a foundation course, many core concepts of Game Design are covered in this course. The course goes into great detail about the 5 main pillars of Game Design: Level Design, UI/UX Design, System Design, Economy Design and Narrative Design.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the pipeline of creating quality Video Games.
  • Learn the principles and fundamentals of Game Design.
  • Learn the 5 specializations of Game Design.
  • Create a 2D Game Prototype.
  • Create a 3D Game Prototype.
  • Create a Game Level n Unity 3D.
  • Create a mind map for a short Narrative Game.
  • Create a mockup for a video game.
  • Learn the art of Deconstructing a Video Game.
  • Create an Economy Model for a F2P Game.
  • Create a Portfolio Website with links and videos.
  • Participate in a Game Jam.

Course Content

Module 01: Game Design Introduction

  • Student Community
  • Introduction
  • Course Strcture
  • Course Projects
  • Key Highlights From Webinar
  • Extra Resources

Module 02: Game Production Pipeline

Module 03: Elements of a Game

Module 04: Idea Generation

Module 05: Creative Brainstorming

Module 06: The Game Design Document

Module 07: Basic Game Mechanics

Module 08: Parts of the Core Gameplay Loop

Module 09: The Core Gameplay Loop

Module 10: Balance

Module 11: Supplementary Gameplay Loops

Module 12: Adding the Juice

Module 13: Communication Skills

Module 14: Time is Money

Module 15: Risk Analysis

Module 16: Art Basics

Module 17: Photoshop Workshop – I

Module 18: Photoshop Workshop – II

Module 19: Rich Experiences

Module 20: Animation Basics

Module 21: Other Design Areas

Module 22: Fundamentals of C# Programming

Module 23: OOPs Concepts in C#

Module 24: Basics of Visual Scripting

Module 25: Unity Physics

Module 26: Introduction to 2D

Module 27: 2D Animation & Animator Controller

Module 28: Player Movement

Module 29: Player Movement Practical

Module 30: Unity 2D Advanced

Module 31: Components of UI & HUD

Module 32: Unity 3D Basics

Module 33: 3D Geometry & Probuilder

Module 34: 3D Prototyping

Module 35: Organic Environment Design

Module 36: 3D Animations

Module 37: Introduction to Level Design

Module 38: Introduction to Puzzle Design

Module 39: Environment Design

Module 40: Level Design Tips and Tricks

Module 41: Level Design in Unity – I

Module 42: Level Design in Unity – II

Module 43: UI and UX

Module 44: Low Fidelity Prototypes – I

Module 45: Low Fidelity Prototypes – II

Module 46: Iconology

Module 47: High Fidelity Prototypes – I

Module 48: High Fidelity Prototypes – II

Module 49: Systems Design Introduction

Module 50: Deconstructing a Game – I

Module 51: Deconstructing a Game – II

Module 52: Probability for Designers

Module 53: Balancing Systems – I

Module 54: Balancing Systems – II

Module 55: Economy Models

Module 56: Game Economy Design – I

Module 57: Game Economy Design – II

Module 58: Constructing Stories

Module 59: Narrative Design – I

Module 60: Narrative Design – II

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