Game Development 2022: Everything You Need To Know

By Rupali Sharma

Do you have a strong work ethic, dedication, and commitment? In conclusion,  welcome to the Game Development Sector! These are the requirements for a game developers who wish to enshrine this field. 

Certainly, the game development industry is growing. Subsequently, more and more people are getting into it. For programmers and gamers alike, game development holds a lot of appeal as a hobby. From the beginning, it might seem like a long and tedious journey. However, with the right approach, you can transform this myth.   

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in Game Development, you’ll get the right guidance through this article. So let’s see, how game developers make this on their own, or is it the right career for you? We’ll also try to cover the game developer’s average salary in this post. 


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What is Game Development?

You should not confuse a Game Developer with a Game Programmer. In short, both mean the same thing. The code that determines how the computer will handle everything in the game, from rules to graphics, is seen by game developers. Various coding languages will be used by game developers based on what the developers need to do and what platforms the games are on. 

With the assistance of the development team, programmers build the video game from the ground up. Therefore, get into the game development world only if you are passionate about game programming and genuinely want to make games for fun.

Types of Game Developers

In order to make the actual game idea come to life, you’ll need game programming. It would be impossible to develop software or play games without the work of game developers. Typically, if a game studio is large, the role of a game developer changes and splits into other types. The various kinds of jobs that go into creating video gameplay are an integral part.

  • Graphics Programmer: A video game developer combines math skills with graphic design and visual effects to create 2D and 3D graphics. They collaborate with artists to bring artwork to life.
  • Tool Programmer: Programmers write tools to simplify the process of creating new levels in a game, or adding artwork to an existing one. Their jobs depend on what is needed for each game.
  • Artificial intelligence programmer: Based on a player’s actions, artificial intelligence programmers will generate the reactions of computer-controlled enemies and allies. Artificial intelligence lets the computer characters react to a player’s actions. The design of some video games will require more sophisticated artificial intelligence than others.  
  • Lead Programmer: Work assignments and schedules will be developed by the lead programmer. In addition to their expertise in code, they have strong management and supervisory skills as well. At various stages of the development process, they consult other departments and look for solutions to problems.
  • Network Programmer: The code that enables gamers around the world to play online is written by network programmers. In addition to developing security measures to prevent cheating, they enable players all around the world to compete against one another.
  • User Interface Programmer: Graphical menus are created by user interface programmers. Simple to complex, they can all be found here. In addition, they create a heads-up display, which is crucial for players. To ensure their systems are straightforward and align with the game design, they usually work with designers and artists. 
  • Physics Programmer: A game follows or ignores the laws of physics that the developers set up. Gravity, the environment, weather, and other factors could be included. The guidelines for the game are created using coding, which is guided by the designers and their vision for the game. They create explosives, splashes, and collisions involved in video game design, in addition to determining how different objects in a game will interact.

Requirements for Game Developer

Firstly, a game developer must be a dedicated person so that problematic issues must be handled creatively. Secondly, knowledge of the latest gaming trends, techniques, best practices, and technologies must be there in a game developer. Thirdly, they must have extensive experience developing games from conception to completion. In conclusion, a game developer must be a passionate person.  

Moreover, there are some basic skills or requirements that a game developer or a programmer must-have. Let’s have a look at them one-by-one.  

  • Programming languages such as C#, Java or C++ are commonly used by Game Developers to develop and deliver systems and high-quality code.
  • It is necessary for them to possess expertise in at least one programming specialization (artificial intelligence, 3D Rendering, 3D animation, physics, multiplayer and networking). 
  • Game developers are required to debug programs and resolve complex technical problems that arise during the game’s production.
  • It is imperative that they are well versed in APIs and libraries.

How can you learn Game Development on your own?

There are many aspiring game developers who wish to pursue this as their full-time career but they don’t know where to start. Well, don’t worry you’ll soon find an answer here! There are several sets of skills that urges more on producing prototypes of features and gameplay ideas during the development of a game, translating requirements into complex, but clean and efficient code. Let’s have a look at them one by one: 

  • In the game development process, game engines are used to generate graphics, support audio functions, animate graphics, and perform other tasks. Once you learn the basics of programming, you should choose an engine for your game such as Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. Unity 3D or Unreal Engine are one of the options where you can develop your own first game.  
  • Develop your skills by asking for feedback on your games and learning additional coding languages. Continue to mimic existing games, adding your own unique features as you become more and more comfortable with coding and the game engine you use.
  • You can find thousands of resources related to game development via the internet, including online courses, videos, tutorials, and other educational materials.
  • Learning coding online or at a local college could be a helpful step on your journey to becoming a game developer. Taking part in these programs allows you to build on your existing knowledge and network with other individuals who share the same interests.
  • Finding a community of other aspiring game developers can be helpful as you learn the skills necessary for game development. In addition to providing you with knowledge, resources, and advice, this community also includes individuals who have more experience than you.
  • As a new game developer, you will likely never feel completely prepared, but it is best to begin by working for a small game development agency. The internship program at many studios offers new developers the opportunity to continue learning from experienced game developers.

Is Game Development the right career for you?

Since the gaming industry relies heavily on skills, you will barely need a degree to become a professional game developer. This job, though it requires a high level of skills you’ll gain through years of experience, requires a great deal of dedication. Game codes contain many bugs, and finding and fixing them takes a lot of time. In order to complete your projects successfully, you need to possess a great deal of patience and will power. 

You must have solid programming skills, management skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills and creativity in order to become a successful game developer. These skills then decide the game developer average salary. If you think you have these skills and talent then game development as a career would be a great pick. 

Game developer average salary

The average salary of a game developer in India is around Rs. 735,000 per year or Rs. 377 per hour as per a report of Talent.Com 


Salary Per Year

Entry Level 

Rs. 500,000 

Most Experienced 

Rs. 1,455,000 

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