Tips To Follow While Writing Your First Game Design

Tips To Follow While Writing Your First Game Design


Tips To Follow While Writing Your First Game Design

By Rupali Sharma

As a beginner, have you ever wondered how a game managed to become “THE GAME”? Well, that’s an interesting question. If this itches your thoughts then you must read this!!

The very first step of designing a game is to write a GDD (Game Design Document) for it. Why is it needed? Game designers plan what they are going to build before writing a single line of code. 

Moreover, a GDD facilitates all your team members to follow only a single line of thought, else your idea may turn out to be a variation according to every single teammate. 

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GDD in a Nutshell

Game Design Document is a living design software. It can be helpful to explain a game concept in words when designing a video game. To do this, professional studios create a Game Design Document or GDD. This documents the specifications for making a game. Everything the studio team needs to know is in here so they can get started on the project. As well as helping designers think through their concepts and present them to others, such as the publisher.  

Each element of a GDD should be discussed in great detail. A detailed explanation of the story, characters, visuals, and everything else should be included. You should know exactly what you are trying to accomplish when you create a GDD. 

Usage of GDD

Game Design Documents (GDDs) are essential to game development. So before knowing how it is written, we need to understand its usage. Let’s have a look at some of the main points below:

  • Using a GDD is important for documenting your game’s components. It makes it possible for another developer to continue the development of your game. 
  • The GDD facilitates communication within a team by documenting game elements and mechanics.
  • Through GDDs, projects are organized and put in order.

Formats of a Perfect GDD

Honestly, there is no standard format for writing a GDD as there are numerous kinds of formats you can use. However, you can use several things while writing a GDD. Again, we are only going to talk about some tips and examples. Let’s see how it’s done with relevant examples below:

Meet and Collaborate before a Start

You need to become familiarized with the developing team before you begin or show your game design template to others. You will be able to design better games and projects if you meet and collaborate with others. When it comes to all the little details, you will all be on the same page. It is vital that you avoid working with strangers, as this will break down communication and make your game harder to figure out.

The Overview Says it All

This is a short summary of what the game is about, without going into much detail about the mechanics including the name of your game. Having read through the Project Description, it should be easy to determine what your game is all about. Feel free to add more information if it is pertinent to your game. 

For example, look at this image. How they have mentioned the name of the game as well as its overall concept.

Race'n'Chase Game Design document ©1995 DMA Design Ltd


Game genres classify games according to their core gameplay as opposed to their visual or narrative aspects. The genre of a video game is typically based on gameplay challenges considered independently of setting or content.