Is Game Development a good career in India?

As kids, we’ve all considered, at least once, developing our own game or thought of our game ideas. For interested individuals who love to game, game development is surely an amusing job. Having an output for your creativity in gaming is the best opportunity you could have.

Taking into consideration the booming population and the abundance of young adults indulged in hardcore gaming, India has successfully become a gaming hotspot. Since the early 2000s, the evolution of the gaming scene has led to the emergence of native gaming studios which provide a novel industry to interested youngsters looking for an opportunity. 

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Difference between game designer and game developer

People often get confused between a game designer and a game developer. For a layman, it might not make much of a difference, but for a professional, it’s two different occupations.

In simple terms, 

Game Designer

Game Developer

Looks after the user experience of the game

Does all the coding

Most work is done in pre-production

Most work is done in production and post-production

Creates the initial framework

Converts the sketches and layout into playable product

Should know game mechanics, and strong knowledge of game design principles

Should have a fundamental knowledge of languages like C#, Python, C++

Salary varies between 4.5LPA to 30LPA

Salary varies between 4.0LPA to 40LPA

How to become a game developer in India

Get a Bachelor’s Degree: That’s the most basic you need for any job. Having a degree related to Computer Science proves useful.

Learn Coding Languages: A few coding languages that you will need are:

  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • C# 
  • Javascript

C++ is the fundamental and essential programming language to learn before getting into the game development sector. Game Engines like Unity and Unreal Engine understand C++.

Building a portfolio: Building mini-games would certainly add a feather to your cap. Even though it’s a simple game like Flappy Bird or Ping Pong, initiating building, and completing it is what counts.

Develop Soft Skills: For any occupation, having soft skills is essential. Working in a team will be the usual. Your attitude, characteristics, mindset, communication and people skills are what companies are in search of. 

Expand your Network: Find and connect with professionals on social media which consequently expands the probability of you getting hired. LinkedIn is one of the best mediums for professional communication.

Why should game development be your next job?

Working in the game industry in India is such, that once you’ve placed yourself here, there’s no way but up. You can see yourself climbing up the promotion ladder within the first three years. Being a game developer is one heck of a rollercoaster. Working in teams and turning stories into codes like magic.

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Struggles faced as a game developer

As a game developer, crunch is what you would be facing quite frequently. It is a compulsory overtime workers undergo during the development of a game and is often uncompensated. This usually happens to ensure everything goes well and is good during the game’s release.

Crunch culture is pretty common in the industry and results in the developers going through mental and physical burnout. So get ready to be heavily challenged before applying for this occupation.

What companies can you apply for in India?

Located in Pune, they are the geniuses behind the Indian action-adventure game, Raji: An Ancient Epic.

It’s impossible for an avid gamer to not play the OG game, Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar games is the developer of the game series, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption

Electronic Arts: Need for Speed, Sims, Apex Legends, Dead Space, and Mass Effect are some of the games in EA’s arsenal.

The developer of the agriculture-simulation multiplayer, Farmville, focuses on mobile and social networking platforms such as Facebook. Recently, they launched two new games, Azadi Quest: Match 3 and Azadi Quest: Heroes of Bharat narrating the story of India’s journey to independence.

This gaming studio was chosen as an external development partner by Phoenix Labs for their Co-Op Action RPG: Dauntless.

Founded in 2017 in Bengaluru, Bombay Play offers a progressive work culture focusing on the satisfaction of the employees and creating a healthy workspace. They specialize towards hyper-social games.

Apart from the aforementioned gaming studios, many others are providing a range of scope for development and output for creativity.


Being a Game Developer is not an easy task. But it sure is a fun job. Offering high-paying jobs, game development is a sea of opportunities and growth is quick. The game Industry in India is on a rapid growth opening multiple doors, not only in this industry but also in other industries. The culmination of metaverse in games gives birth to a new industry altogether.

Learning how to enter the game industry can be daunting and as a newcomer, not knowing what right steps to take is a common thought. No worries, we are here to help. We have a group of experts with the best expertise to provide so you can grow as a game developer in no time. Check out our courses to learn more.

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