Build Your Own Racing Game In Unity 3D – Certificate Workshop

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In the workshop, you’ll be able to create your own 3D Racing game with AI opponents. You’ll understand the fundamentals of a racing game and how to create interesting tracks for your level. All these, without typing a single line of code.




Speed. Tracks. Players. Welcome to our workshop on creating your very own racing game. We begin by understanding how the most popular racing games function, then using Unity 3D and its standard assets, we will build our own level. This workshop is designed by keeping newcomers in mind, so no coding is required. So register now, and create amazing tracks for your racing game now. 

Day 1:

  1. Unity 3D: Introduction
  2. NFS: Game Design Breakdown
  3. Game Physics for a Racing Game
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Racing Games
  5. Build your First Racing Track
  6. Car Controls and its Mechanics
  7. Adding A.I Opponents
  8. Playtesting the Level
  9. Score System
  10. Closing Statements and Q&A

Day 2:

  1. Introduction
  2. Student Showcase
  3. Detailed Feedback
  4. Q&A
  5. Resources


Our online workshop provides a full in-depth look at the process for design, development process in a game. You’ll be mentored by industry professionals in this two weekend training program where they will provide personal feedback to your assignments. Now, you don’t have to learn alone but in a group of students where you can discuss and clear your doubts with one another. Our online workshop will contain several tips and tricks used by Industry Professionals into how they have achieved their goals. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have an understanding of level design in a racing game and how you can create interesting levels for your own 3D racing game with Bots.

About the Instructor:

Name: Numaan Khan

Game/Level Designer
Creating Games, Playing Games, Developing Games, Designing Games.

Experience: 3 Years

Workshop Dates:

14 Nov 2021 (Sunday)
21 Nov 2021 (Sunday)


Windows PC (Please refer to the link given below)

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